Head Liner Repair

Here at All Tunes LLC we also provide headliner repairs for your car, SUV or even your classic and antique vehicles. After some time your headliner fabric will start sagging and start splitting open, don’t wait and watch it come off, let us fix it and make it stronger.
The car ceiling, or “headliner” is the material that covers interior of the car’s roof.

Common problems of headliners are sagging, or simple deterioration with age, and may require repair or restoration. There are two headliner designs, bow and board, and each have their own unique problems:

Bow – These are commonly seen on classic vehicles. As the ceiling material ages, it may get holes or the thread holding it together may deteriorate. Generally, it’s impractical to repair a bow headliner and completely replacing it is the way to go. Reproduction of original headliner materials are available on the market, so should a complete replacement be required, your car will still have as original an interior as possible.

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